Unique, hand painted furniture.

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World reknowned artists.

Lea Davis & Carolyn Ballantine have been painting and designing unique, decorative furniture for more than 20 years including teaching around the world. Now you can own their unique one-off work.

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Customers love us

Words directly from our customers all around the world.

I'm an interior designer. I have used Lea and Carolyn work in some of the largest homes in the world. Love love love.

by Natalie, California

Lea and Caroyln were amazing to work with and I'm going to get a custom peice from them again in the future.

by Susan, New York

We were looking for custom decorative art that was available no where else. We stumbled across Lea and Carolyns work and are so happy with it.

by Sam & Julie, London

I'm a collector of unique and custom art work from all around the world. It was shipped beautifully and now looks amazing in my living room.

by Candece, Sydney

I've lived in Singapore my entire life and I love collecting unique art. The detail, unique design and beautiful brush work of the table I purchased is unparalled.

by Steven, Singapore

Beautiful, original, elegant.

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Original one-off hand painted designs

All our products have been originally designed and are guaranteed to be one off. There will never be another iteration of this design anywhere in the world.

A beautiful chair with a party feel.


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From your favourite nursery rhyme.

Humpty Dumpty Chairs

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A beautiful stool with a long memory.


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